Procore Integration Overview

The Procore - KTrack Integration

KTrack’s integration enables Procore customers to deliver complete and accurate digital turnover packages. KTrack combines the power of Procore’s Project Management product line with its Integrated Project Delivery tools to facilitate the collection, validation and delivery of facility, asset and location data and documentation at turnover.  KTrack’s Integrated Project Delivery process seamlessly connects facility assets and locations to specifications, submittals, photos, warranties and more while delivering validated asset and location data at the same time. KTrack syncs Procore Specifications, Submittals and Photos enabling the processing and integration of these documents within KTrack. Owners and contractors now have a shared platform from which they can manage digital turnover activities with complete transparency throughout the project life cycle.

 Procore Tools - These are the Procore tools that are utilized within the integration.

  • Admin
  • Directory
  • Portfolio
  • Specifications
  • Submittals
  • Photos



  • KTrack synchronizes Procore companies and users to KTrack for each integrated project. 
  • Procore companies are matched with KTrack's Company library where there is a match.  Companies not found in KTrack's Company Library are added during the integration process. 


  • KTrack synchronizes Specifications from Procore to KTrack and matches the specifications to the respective specification set.  
  • Specifications contribute to the assembly of the Digital Turnover Plan by defining the asset types and documents specified in the project.  KTrack users then refine the asset type list to their specific turnover requirements. 
    • KTrack users utilize Specifications to define all of the asset types associated with the project.
    • KTrack users may optionally utilize Specifications to define all of the submittal requirements for the project.  If specifications are not used to define submittal requirements then the Procore Submittals will be used for this purpose.
  • As Specifications are created and or updated in Procore they will be updated in KTrack in real time.


  • KTrack synchronizes Submittals  from Procore to KTrack then monitors the submittal log for approvals so the approved submittal documents can be processed for asset data and or linked to assets to satisfy O&M requirements, etc.
  • As Submittals are created and or updated in Procore they will be updated in KTrack in real time.


  • KTrack integrates with Procore's photo albums to enable users to create or select existing project albums that will store asset and or location photos taken via the KTrack mobile application.  
  • During field data capture users have the option to capture images for locations and or assets.  Images captured are tagged with an image category that maps to a Procore Photo Album.  Images are also titled using the location or asset number.  (E.g. AHU-01-01-NameplatePhoto)
  • All images captured with the KTrack mobile application are uploaded to the Procore Photo Album as defined during project setup.
  • As photos are created and or updated in Procore they will be updated in KTrack in real time.  Photos not captured via the KTrack Mobile application will be available to KTrack users to associate with Locations and or Assets.