Configure Procore company integration with KTrack

The objective of this article is to walk you through the process of integrating Procore with KTrack.

Things to Consider:

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Admin tool.


  1. Login to KTrack and select a client.
  2. Click the Gear Setting and choose 'Concierge' from the drop down menu.
  3. Click 'Integrate with Procore'.
  4. Review the steps required for integration and click 'Continue' to load the configurations page.
  5. Follow the steps listed on the configurations page, also detailed below, to continue with the integration.
  6. Open a separate tab in your browser and login to Procore to create a Service Account to be used with the integration.
    1. Use the following steps to add a new Service Account.

      1. Click the 'Company Tools' and select Admin.
      2. Under 'Company Settings', click Service Accounts.
      3. On the Service Accounts page, click +New.
      4. Select Marketplace as the AppType and 'KTrack' as the MarketplaceApp.
      5. Enter a Name for your new Service Account and click Create.
      6. The Client ID and Client Secret for the Service Account are generated and are available for you to use in your KTrack company integration. Toggle back to KTrack and copy and paste these values into KTrack.
      7. Configure Service Account permissions. Because the Service Account has default (read-only) permissions at the company level when it it is first created, you must set proper permissions for the Service Account prior to using it to access the Procore API.
        1. Click 'Company Tools' and select Directory.
        2. In the company Directory, locate the newly created Service Account and click Edit. The newly created service account may be grouped with accounts that have not yet been assigned to a company, which are listed last. Use the search tool to filter the list. 

        3. Scroll down to the permissions matrix and select 'Admin' permissions for each tool in the permissions matrix. Click 'OK' to confirm permissions changes.

        4. Scroll down to Project Settings to assign your new Service Account to existing Procore projects. 
        5. Click Save to update your Service Account with the new permissions settings.
  7. Toggle back to KTrack to complete the integration.
    1. If you have not already done so, paste the Client Key and Secret from Procore into KTrack and click 'Verify Client Key and Secret'.
    2. Select the configurations settings you desire from the "Additional Configuration Settings" section.
    3. Verify once again your Service Account's permissions.
    4. Select Complete Integration to initiate the creation of the required webhooks and to perform an initial sync of the data related to your configuration selections .
    5. Review company configuration settings to complete the process.  Now you are ready to integrate your first Procore project with KTrack.   

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