Approved Submittal Uploads

Objective: To to upload approved submittals to the submittal log.

Things To Consider: 

This article applies only to projects that are not integrated with Procore


  1. Select Submittals from the left panel within the project.
  2. Select the Submittal Log Tab
  3. Locate the Log Item you want to upload the approved submittal document to. Select "View" for the Log Item to open the details view.
  4. Select Upload Documents to upload the desired approved submittal document(s);
  5. Select "Choose Files" to open the file explorer or simply drag the desire file(s) you wish to attach to the attachment drop zone.
  6. Once you have selected the file(s) to be attached to the log item select next to complete the upload and attachment process.
  7. The attached documents are now listed in the Document Listing for the Log Item