Submittal Doc Board Overview

Objective: To extract the required asset data from the approved submittal and associate that data with the Project Asset Mark and related Assets

Things to Consider:

  • The Submittal Doc Board only shows documents that have been attached to an item in the submittal log.Steps:
  • The Submittal Doc Board Columns are separate the documents based on the document's processing status.  Note: This status is not the same as the submittal log status. E.g. (Open, In Progress, Processed)

Steps to initiate submittal processing or view a submittal document

  1. Select Submittals from the left panel within the project:
  2. Select Submittal Doc Board
  3. To process submittal data select the process button. This will open the submittal processing form where you will capture the required information contained within the submittal.
  4. To view the submittal document select the View button. This will open the document on a new tab within your web browser:
  5. Submittal Data Processing Columns