Create a Work Order from a Service Request

Objective: To convert a Service Request to a Work Order.

Things to Consider:

  • User Permissions
  • As service requests come in, they need to be evaluated and potentially converted to work orders.
  • KTrack offers the following options:
    • Add them to an existing WO
    • Create a new WO from the request
    • Reject the request


  1. Return to the SR you created.
  2. Tap the 'Action' icon.
  3. Tap 'Create Work Order'.
  4. The Work Order Form displays pre-configured with info from the SR.  Modify fields as needed, complete the missing fields and then tap 'Next'.
  5. Continue with assistance from the wizard, modifying and completing fields for the WO in each of the screens.
  6. Tap 'Submit' when finished.  The new WO displays in the Work Order Listing as unassigned, and with no time recorded on it.