Create a new Work Order from scratch

Objective: To create a new Work Order from scratch using the Work Order form wizard.

Things to Consider:

  • Work Orders can be created from scratch or they can be created from an existing Service Request.
  • User Permissions


  1. From the home screen of the app, tap 'Work Orders'.

  2. From the Work Order Listing screen, tap the '+' icon.

  3. The Work Order Form displays, providing an easy wizard for creating WOs.

  4. Tap to select a 'Property' for the WO.

  5. Tap to select the 'Reporter' and the 'Contact' for the WO.

  6. Identify the type of 'Trade' expertise needed for the WO and then tap the '<' icon.

  7. Identify the 'Type' of work needed for the WO and then tap the '<' icon.  Types of Work Orders in KTrack include Service, Preventative Maintenance, Warranty, Surveys and Installation.  Regardless of type, the process to create a Work Order is the same, except for Preventative Maintenance.
  8. Select a 'Billing Option' to complete this part of the form. Then click Next to advance.
  9. Tap to assign an 'Issue(s)' to the WO. Issues are pre-filtered by the 'Trade' type you set. Further define the issue if necessary and then tap 'Next'.

  10. Set the 'Target Completion Date' and the time 'Estimate' to complete the WO and then tap 'Next'.

  11. Link Asset(s) to the Work Order.  
  12. Link Location(s) to the Work Order.
  13. Link Document(s) to the Work Order.
  14. Review the Work Order. Tap 'Back' to make changes or 'Submit' to save.