Create a new Service Request

Objective: To add a new Service Request.

Things to Consider:

  • User Permissions


  1. Tap 'Service Requests'.
  2. Select the property.
  3. The Service Request Dashboard loads, displaying a graphical representation of open Service Requests grouped by Priority.  Click the 'Listing' button to see a list of open service requests.
  4. From the Service Request Listing, tap the '+' icon to display the Service Request form.  Follow the wizard to create your SR.
  5. Edit fields as necessary and click 'Next'.
  6. Tap the '+' icon to display a list of trade/issues to assign to this service request.  Click the checkbox(es) of the issues that best describe the problem to be resolved and then tap 'Done'.
  7. The issues appear in the form.  Make sure to select the Priority for this Service Request and modify the issue description, if necessary.  Then, tap 'Next'.
  8. Next, tap '+'  to associate an asset(s) with your SR.  The 'Select Asset' form loads.  Tap the checkbox(es) that correspond to the asset(s) that you to associate with this SR.  Scan a barcode or use the search bar to find a specific asset to attach.  Click 'Done' to proceed to the next step.

  9. The Asset form displays the assets that you selected. Click 'Next'.
  10. Tap the '+' icon to load locations to associate to your SR. Use the search bar or tap the filter icon to find and select the location(s) related to your SR.
  11. The Location form displays the location(s) associated to this SR.  Tap 'Next'.

  12. Tap '+' to add a document(s) to this SR. You can select from the photos on your device or take a new one with your camera and then tap 'Next'.  
  13. All info is captured for this SR.  Tap 'Back' to make any changes or 'Save'.