View/Edit a Location's Assets

Objective: To view/edit a location's assets.

Things to Consider:

  • There are two categories of assets and both are managed using this same approach:
      • Assets SITUATED IN the selected location that are created in the Assets Library
      • Assets that SERVE the selected location that are defined in the Areas Served section of the Asset Library's Asset Details page.


  1. Click on 'Locations' in the left navigation bar to load teh Locations Listing.
  2. Click on a location name or number in the Locations Listing to view its details.  
  3. Click on the 'Assets' tab to view the assets attached to the location.  Click on any asset to view its details.
  4. The Asset details form loads.  To make changes to the asset, click the 'Edit' button.
  5. Edit the asset as necessary and click 'Save' to commit the changes.