Upload a New Document

Objective: To upload a new file into KTrack.

Things To Consider:

  • User Permissions
  • To upload documents:
    • Upload all documents to KTrack and then attach them to locations, vendors and assets
    • Create locations, assets and vendors and then upload documents and attach accordingly.


    1. Click on 'Documents' in the left navigation bar to display the document folder structure.
    2. Select the folder in the left window pane that you wish to upload the file.
    3. Click the 'Upload' button.
    4. Click the 'Choose Files' button to select a file(s) from your device or drag and drop a file(s) to upload.  Select the 'Upload' button to complete the upload process.
    5. The file is loaded to the end of the file list of the selected folder and is now available to be attached to a vendor, location or asset.