Asset Data Collection and Verification Work Flows

Objective: To explain the asset data collection and verification work flows in KTrack.

Work Flow Diagram

Submittal Processing

  1. Link Asset Model Mark to Approved Submittal 
  2. Link Project Assets to Asset Model Mark
    1. Sets Asset Validation Status to "Linked to Submittal" Indicating submittal data processing for the asset is in progress.
  3. Populate Asset Model Mark required data fields from the approved  submittal
  4. Populate \ update project asset details for the linked assets
  5. Set Asset Model Mark status to "Processed"
    1. indicates data capture from the submittal for the Asset Model Mark and it's linked assets is complete.
  6. Set Submittal status to "Processed"
    1. Indicates submittal data processing for all Asset Model Marks contained in the approved submittal has been completed.

Field Data Verification

  1. Verify Location of the selected asset
  2. Verify Submittal Data for the asset against the asset name plate
  3. Set asset validation status of the asset to Field Verified

Field Data Capture

  1. Capture required data fields from the Asset name plate
  2. Tag Asset with a bar code and capture the bar code
  3. Capture a photo of the Asset's name plate
  4. Capture one or more installation photos of the Asset
  5. Set asset validation status of the Asset to Field Data Captured

Field Data Processing

  1. Process Asset name plate data to confirm and or populate required name plate data for the Asset.
  2. Confirm all required fields have been properly populated.
  3. Set the asset validation status of the Asset to Field Data Processed.